"TAMIR is certainly traveling this way of the heart. She is good company."
Coleman Barks
"Allow TAMIR to awaken the soul of Rumi with you. Stunning!"
Dr. Wayne Dyer


The Way of the Heart, is a CD and live performance of ecstatic poetry and Sufi teaching stories of Rumi, narrated by TAMIR with Persian music by multi-instrumentalist Amir Vahab. The most profound spiritual truths are best expressed in ecstatic verse. RUMI the 13th century Persian mystic is now the best-selling poet in America. He is known as the axis of Love and he speaks directly to contemporary readers from the heart to the heart. This CD contains selections of his poetry combined with colorful teaching stories. Interwoven throughout are the exquisite sounds of Amir Vahab’s authentic Persian compositions as singer and on several instruments: Ney, Daf, Tar, Tanbur, Setar, Guitar and Chogur.

Live performances have included musical collaborations with: Yuval Ron Ensemble, Omar Tekbilek Turkish musician, Mehdi Asadi, Paul Butler and Hoag Wing Jazz.

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Rumi – The Way of the Heart Trailer, Videography by Ted Marcus


"Only a person who has walked in the garden can truly identify the natural fragrance when it is captured in the jar of perfume. TAMIR's work will be most appreciated by those who have walked in the garden. By helping to bring the timeless message of human unity and divine oneness expressed through Rumi into a contemporary focus she is helping to make us all more fragrant."
Jonathan Granoff
author, attorney, President Global Security Institute
"Rumi - The Way of the Heart is an honest and heartfelt expression by TAMIR. Her years of dedicated and artistic vision are fully realized in this beautifully narrated work. Her voice embodies her integrity and her soul."
"Just as Rumi was a conduit to the Source, so is TAMIR a conduit for Rumi as she presents the stories with the humor and insight he injected them with."
Javanan Magazine
“Rumi - Way of the Heart is an invigorating, one-woman show that captures the passion and restless wisdom of Jelaluddin Rumi. With music, poetry and excerpts from Rumi's talks, TAMIR brings Rumi alive in the 21st century.”
Neil Douglas-Klotz
author of The Sufi Book of Life: 99 Pathways of the Heart for the Modern Dervish
"TAMIR’s voice is smooth and sultry, perfect for reciting Rumi"
NY Spirit
"TAMIR nails every line and confidently channels Rumi’s message."
Persian Mirror