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“The Way of the Heart” Poetry of Rumi by TAMIR (Spiritual / Spoken Word Artist from New York [NY])

Reviewed by Chris & the Reviewer Team

The Way of the Heart poetry of Rumi is a spoken word CD by TAMIR, narrator; Amir Vahab, music that brings the insight of the thirteenth century mystical poet back to life. Narrated by the smooth, sultry, and theatrical voice of actress/voiceover artist TAMIR and accompanied by spiritual and befitting music by Persian multi-instrumentalist Amir Vahab, this release celebrates Rumi’s wisdom on ten penetrable tracks. These stories and poems offer commentaries and teachings on spirituality, divine love, and the mystery of love. TAMIR’s spoken word delivery is clean and Vahab’s instrumentals sound precise and balanced. Anyone who marvels at the insightfulness and mysticism of Rumi is going to want to pick up Rumi – The Way of the Heart.

Rumi: The Way of the Heart

Reviewed by Secluk Acar

The Way of the Heart Ecstatic poetry and Sufi teaching stories is a beautiful CD recited by TAMIR (one name only) music by Amir Vahab. Even though I know Rumi well, I discovered new understanding of many familiar and favorite lines. TAMIR has the ability to communicate directly and simply and her clear diction, crystal clear enunciation is a pleasure to listen to. Her interpretation is impressive in use of voice and effective in smooth transition so that there is a seamless flow from story to poem to teaching. TAMIR brings hundreds of years of Rumi’s value to today’s listeners and in her rendition history meets today. She creates a necessary bridge between traditional thought and contemporary sound and in the true spirit of Rumi, the CD becomes accessible to audiences of all backgrounds and cultures. This is a graceful and tasteful audio work of art enhanced by Amir Vahab’s multi-instrumental and vocal compositions.

What makes this CD so unique is that she combines artistic skill and profound sincerity as a disciple and follower of a spiritual path.

TAMIR brings RUMI alive by dipping into the realm of mysticism and art, and by depicting the journey of the lover of God. She says: “In Rumi we find deep answers for the plight of the planet and for our spiritual evolution, we are all fundamentally connected. Centuries melt and dissolve when we deeply listen to his poetic vision. He was, and is a citizen of the world. When he died members of all faiths mourned his passing as if he were one of their own. He is the antidote to the mad clash of east and west.”

The Way of the Heart – Ecstatic Poetry and Stories of Rumi, is performed by TAMIR, with music by Master Iranian musician Amir Vahab. It is a sensuous and profound meditation on one of the most profound poets of our time. The poetry of thirteenth-century Persian poet Jalal-ul-Din Rumi is interspersed with Vahab’s luxurious notes on the Ney, Daf, Tanbur, Setar and Chogur. From the first track which introduces the CD with Rumi’s famous “Listen to the Sound of the Flute” to the last, TAMIR’s voice, imbued with a sultry yet reassuring femininity, gives the listener permission to sit back, relax and soak in each passage.

TAMIR interweaves stories, anecdotes and clarifications in just the right amount to move us along. Many other performers and scholars, including Coleman Barks, Deepak Chopra and a variety of music and screen stars have tried their hand at Rumi recitation. TAMIR’s thoughtful voice and Amir Vahab create a thorough rendering that stands out above the others. In the end, one gets the feeling of having made acquaintance with the master mystic and poet. We feel as if we have had a glimpse of Rumi in some of his many manifestations. With each of these glimpses into his world, we learn something profound about ourselves as well.

“The Way of the Heart narrated by TAMIR combined with Amir Vahab’s Persian compositions. Historic background and story flow easily into poetry and the music arises and retreats as we travel into the ecstatic poetry of Rumi. Each of the collaborators brings their unique background and expertise to the creation of this CD. Their combined talent and experience comes through in the quality of the production, which brings a distinctive presentation of ancient ecstasy to our contemporary ears. Anyone who enjoys the poetry of Rumi, will surely enjoy this CD.”
Dr. A. Pryor
Sufism Journal

Verse and Music

Rumi: The Way of the Heart: Ecstatic Poetry and Stories of Rumi

Reviewed by Staff Writer

Actress, poet, and playwright TAMIR brings Rumi’s genius to the modern west with her new CD, The Way of the Heart. Accompanied by Iranian musician Amir Vahab, TAMIR recites the poetry and stories of Rumi, as well as providing commentary and teachings. TAMIR’s voice is smooth and sultry, perfect for interpreting Rumi’s poetry of divine love, and Vahab’s musical accompaniment makes you feel as if you are walking through the Persian desert almost a millennium ago. TAMIR and Dr. Vidich selected the verse and stories. The Way of the Heart is vital in reminding us that rich life lessons and artistic excellence transcend both time and politics. (NT)

The 13th century Persian mystic poet Rumi is now the best-selling poet in America.

He has been called the “axis of Love,” and has the remarkable ability to speak directly to our hearts across the centuries.

TAMIR’s CD The Way of the Heart  inspires listeners with her passionate interpretations of Rumi’s poetry and colorful Sufi teaching stories. The CD is a unique collaboration with Iranian musician Amir Vahab that creates a masterful tapestry of luscious sound and delicious beauty.

This CD brings out the most profound truths of his teachings presented with unrivaled beauty and the very highest professional quality. In short a multimedia feast for the heart and soul.

For those of you who have yet to listen to Rumi, this will be a delightful introduction and may even turn you into Rumi lovers overnight. The CD begins with the now famous introduction of the Masnavi “Listen to the Sound of the flute” which immediately casts a hypnotic spell over the listener with its rich blend of narrative and poetry together with passionate rendition. Slowly but masterfully TAMIR takes the listener on a journey into the soul of love between Rumi and his Spiritual Master Shams-i-Tabriz.

While there is no dearth of Rumi poetry recitation on the market including Andrew Harvey, Coleman Barks and even Deepak Chopra, nothing quite like this CD really exists. She takes you to the heart of Rumi’s world.

TAMIR and Amir work together with effortless harmony always in service to the inner message of Rumi’s verse. The judicious use of the original verse sung and recited in Persian add yet another layer of sweetness to this exquisite banquet for the sense and the heart.

Don’t miss this one. It is a must for all in need of spiritual upliftment. It can be purchased on the tracks page.